Our Mission

The team at Fiduciary Q is committed:

  • To help each individual and family increase their knowledge on their Fiduciary needs.

  • To provide each individual and family a process to validate that their Fiduciary needs are in good order or need addressed.

  • To help the financial service professionals with their mission to deliver on Duty of Care and Duty of Loyalty.

  • To provide the educational and directional tools to help assist all the stakeholders.

Our Educational Outline

As you begin to learn about your role in our “Fiduciary Awareness and Understanding Study” we would like to provide you a backdrop that has led us all here.

The word Fiduciary is often used but not fully understood by most.

The words “Acting on the behalf of the Client”, “Putting the clients Interest first” are synonymous with the responsibilities of Fiduciaries. All Fiduciaries are required by law to deliver on the Duty of Care and Duty of Loyalty. These Duties are often not understood by individuals and families. Your professional service providers, Attorneys, Accountants, RIAs, CFPs, Investment Advisors, all are part of your Fiduciary Care Team.

Our years of experience have led us to ask the question, are individuals and families informed at a level to determine if their Fiduciary needs are being met? To get a better answer to this question we at FiduciaryQ are asking you to help us better understand the areas of your financial affairs that you determine are in good order, not in good order, or you are unsure because you never had a clear understanding of specific fiduciary topics that apply to you and your family.

The areas of Fiduciary Topics include Your:

  1. Current financial position.

  2. Investment Policy & Wealth Management Strategy.

  3. Risks that your family should be aware of and protect if important.

  4. Important Objectives that your professionals see in your situation that need addressed.

  5. Important Objectives that you and your family want to accomplish.

  6. Tax strategies that need implemented to assist you and your family on reducing tax costs.

  7. Estate and Legacy planning that assist you and your family to accomplish the many layers of intentions.

Regarding the Questionnaire:

  • Your work will be to complete the input questionnaire which should take 15-30 minutes.

  • After we complete our initial benchmark data, we will send you your Fiduciary Q Score.

  • Your answers are confidential, and we will not be asking you for any personal confidential information.

  • After the study, if you are interested (optional), we can schedule a 15-minute follow up call to discuss your thoughts about the study.

Thank you for your participation in this study.


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Choose this questionnaire if you are drawing on your retirement.